June 5th

Stand With Families: National AAPI Day of Action for Immigration Reform is a campaign to organize a day of action to call for a just and humane immigration reform that puts families first.

Hundreds of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians will travel to Washington DC from over 20 states on June 5, 2013. Community members will share stories, visit their legislators, and hold a Rally on the steps of the United States Capitol.

Stand With Families: National AAPI Day of Action for Immigration Reform will be sponsored by:

What does it mean to “Stand With Families?”

America needs an immigration process that puts families first. In Asian American, Pacific Islander, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities, families are the backbone of our identity. Whether we are workers or scholars, whether we are immigrants or are native to this land, families come first.  Immigration reform must protect families by preserving the family immigration system that has added so much richness to this land so that no one has to wait for decades to be reunited with loved ones. Immigration reform must strengthen families by promoting the social, economic, and political integration of immigrant children, parents, and seniors. And immigration reform must keep families together in the United States and provide a meaningful path to citizenship for New American families.

2013-04 HyunKyu at Immigrant Rights Rally in Washington DC

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